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Martial Arts Courses


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any of various philosophies of self-defence and techniques of singlecombat
     Here at Defensive Training Solutions we believe we should have a complete personal protection plan. This includes the ability to have both lethal, and non-lethal  self defense skills.  For this reason, we are proud to be able to offer courses which include both shooting and non-shooting courses. Most of our courses do involve firearms training, for this reason, the first martial art we have chosen to offer here it Hojutsu. We will be adding more to our course offerings in the future. 

Hojutsu- The Martial Art of Shooting


Hojutsu is the ancient Japanese word for "the Art of Gunnery." As practiced today, Hojutsu is the combination of the Modern Technique and traditional Japanese budo.

Hojutsu trains in handgun, rifle, shotgun, submachine gun, and precision rifle; we also train in unarmed defense, various impact weapons, edged weapons, and ground fighting. However, Hojutsu is primarily a shooting art.

Traditional reigi (protocol) is followed. Legitimate black belt rank through ninth dan (kudan) can be achieved.

"Hojutsu- The Martial Art of Shooting

by Jeffrey Hall 

At first glance, the concept of shooting as a “traditional” martial art seems ridiculous. After all, martial arts are steeped in centuries of tradition, mysticism, and superhuman feats of skill; how can shooting a firearm compare with this? If you consider principles, rather than tools, shooting is clearly a martial art.  Stance, balance, focus, execution, and follow-through are the same, whether the hit is from a reverse punch or a .45.  We must master each of these elements of the technique before we can fight effectively.

As to tradition, at what point does learning a physical skill become a tradition?  I’m fairly certain that the first warrior to train with a katana was only looking for a tool that would save his life; better swords and effective techniques evolved into the formalized training protocol that became the way of the sword, but it probably developed through trial and error. Shooting has always been a martial art.  Martial, or military, was the primary reason for technological advancement in firearms.  We progressed from resin-wrapped bamboo tubes, to iron tubes, through a variety of ignition systems, to the sophisticated weapons of today.  However, no amount of technology will ever replace dedicated training with   professional instructors, and a lifetime of dedication to the shooting arts. "

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