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Competition Belt

Double layer kydex lined leather belt Nylon inner belt, Double Layer Kydes Competition holster, double layer Kydex Pistol mag. pouches
Sales price: $275.00
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Custom Order

What a great way to get started in competitive shooting. This rig comes with one of a ballistic nylon double layer inner belt, a Kydex lined double layer leather outer belt,Layers of comp. Belt





one of our custom made double layer Kydex competition holsters,double layer holster on belt small

DOUBLE LAYER MAG POUCHEStwo of our double layer kydex pistol magazine pouches,








all ready to attach to the belt with the included Blade-Tech brand Tek-Lok. 


Thank you for taking time to look at our gear. We hope we can provide you with the gear you want. these holsters are custom made when you order them. we make every effort to get them out to you quickly. The current lead time on these is approximately 3weeks.

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