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Layered Pistol Mag Pouch

Double Layered Kydex Pistol Mag. Pouch
Sales price: $40.00
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Please Type Gun Make,Model, Barrel Length

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2 double layer mag pouches

 This Mag Pouch was designed for durability, and ease of use.We layer and form 2 sheets of kydex around the handgun magazine of  your choice. The retention adjustment knob allow you to determine whether you want it loose for an easier draw on a classifier, or tighter for  those stages where you are going to be running around a bit. DOUBLE LAYER MAG POUCHES

 Don't forget to add a Tech-Lok to your order.

 Thank you for taking time to look at our gear. We hope we can provide you with the gear you want. these holsters are custom made when you  order them. we make every effort to get them out to you quickly. The current lead time on these is  approximately 3weeks. 

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