So you bought a gun and you think you are protected. Think Again!

activeshooterWe see it all the time, people go out and buy a gun, maybe take one class such as a basic pistol course and think they are protected. The gun ends up in the night stand or worse they start carrying a gun sometimes, sometimes not. Yet, they think they are protected simply becuase they have a gun. Let me burst your bubble and tell you now that simply owning a gun does not protect you, it does not give you super powers or make you any more protected than you were before. Simply owning a guitar does not make you a musician.  If you want to learn how to play the guitar you need to take lessons.... same thing with owning a gun. It is your training that will protect you and keep you out of jail. Yes, jail becuase you also need to know the laws and when you can use that gun and when you can't. Simple answer there is usually never unless you believe you are going to die in the next 2 seconds. A gun is a powerful tool, a tool of last resort.

Out on the street things happen fast, very fast. Criminals do not give you a 2 minute warning that they are about to rob you or or stick a knife in your gut. They usually do this kind of stuff when they're up close and personal and gives you no time to present a firearm to protect yourself, by the time you have the gun presented you have a knife sticking you in the abdomen multiple times. Lack of training will do this.

Same goes for those folks who throw their new gun in the bedroom night stand.... it may sit there for years until someone breaks in to your home and you really need that gun, and let me tell you, that when you need a gun, you need it NOW!. Finding the gun in the bottom of the night stand when something happens is only part of the problem, now you have to remember how to use it, has the ammo degraded to where it doesn't work, did you leave the safety on, and is there one in the chamber - when you need your gun, these are not the questions you should be asking yourself. You should know this already.... but it happens time and time again becuase of the lack of training - the lack of training will get you killed.

If you are serious about an armed life style you need to take the classes from professionals who know this stuff. Without training you are probably at more risk than not having a gun. Since people attitudes change when they carry guns, they think they can do things they never thought of doing before like visiting that risky bar you've been hearing about. Why would you do that? Owning a gun should not change who you are or how you go about your life and you should not take extra risk becuase you own a gun.

Training for the Armed Life Style

Training for the armed life style goes well beyond knowing how to operate and drive the gun, there are so many things you need to know starting with situational awareness, criminal psychology to the laws in your jurisdiction, weapon retention, threat assessment, adopting the defensive mind set, fast presentations, reloads and accuracy and how to protect yourself should you not be able to get to that gun and knowing the difference of when you can shoot vs. when you have to shoot. All this and much more and we are just touching on the tip of the iceberg.  The armed life style is just that "a life style" that's why we train, practice, take classes and then more classes and more training. Training not only teaches you all these things to protect your life, it will also train you how to protect yourself financially, morally and legally.... keeping you out of jail or having to put out huge sums of money to defend yourself in court is all part of it.

to be continued.............

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