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The Advanced Concealed Carry series of courses are designed to expand on the knowledge and skills taught in the state-required basic concealed carry course. That course deals with the concern of government officials that individuals that have been issued a concealed carry license know how to safely handle a handgun, the basics of shooting it, and an understanding of state concealed carry laws. However, this is not enough to prepare those that have completed the basic course to deal with the realities of concealed carry. Some basic course instructors attempt to go beyond the minimum requirements mandated by the state, but time constrains often prevent them from getting into the details. The Advanced Concealed Carry series of course addresses this shortcoming by using a building-block approach to expose attendees to those critical areas needed to significantly improve their ability to survive a violent encounter.

In the Advanced Concealed Carry IDTS

  •  Attendees will learn about the features that need to be considered when selecting a concealed carry handgun
  •  A method of carrying that handgun
  • The proper ammunition to use
  • How to draw the handgun using their selected method of carrying it.
  • Introduction to the concept of situational awareness and defensive mindset and their importance in helping to protect them from harm.


What to Bring:defensive pistol

  • Attendees will need an appropriate centerfire handgun (9mm Luger/.38 Special recommended as the minimum caliber)
  • Holster (strong-side hip holsters preferred)
  • Hearing Protection
  • Eye protection
  • Ammunition300 rounds
  • A method for carrying spare ammunition (pouches, extra magazines, speed loaders/strips, etc.)
  • A concealment garment is also required (vest, sweatshirt, jacket, etc.) for use during the shooting range portion of instruction.


Instructor: Gary Evens


 Upcoming Classes 

Saturday July 6th

Defensive Training Solutions

2855 Stone Circle Dr. 
Troy, OH  45373

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