Hojutsu Workout

Hojutsu is the Japanese word for "the Art of Gunnery."  As practiced today, Hojutsu is the combination of the modern handgun technique and traditional Japanese budo.  Hojutsu trains primarily in handgun; other disciplines with rifle, shotgun, submachine gun, and precision rifle can be added advanced levels.  We also train in unarmed defense, various impact weapons, edged weapons, and ground fighting.  Traditional reigi (protocol) is followed. Legitimate black belt rank through ninth dan (kudan) can be achieved.

This workout is NOT an introduction to Hojutsu...it is more for those who have already attended a seminar or practice this martial art on a regular basis.  Please contact the instructor/venue to find out if the session is open to newcomers or whether or not you are able to attend.

Contact Sensei Bill Martin @ 937/335-2998

During this workout, we will be begin with live-fire training on the range, and then move to the dojo to work on open-hand techniques and kata.  Please arrive early enough to have all your gear and supplies ready to go before the start time of the session. 


Required Gear/Equipment (if you need to borrow gear, contact instructor several days or weeks before these sessions so that they can help you gather the proper gear until you have a chance to purchase your own)

  • Handgun (modern, serviceable, dependable...usually 9mm and above.  discuss acceptable formats with instructor)
  • 150 rounds of ammunition, no reloads please
  • Outside the waistband holster (to be used in dojo and on range)
  • Extra magazines (at least 2-3)
  • Mag holders (for all your extra mags) to attach to belt
  • Proper hearing and eye protection, and ball cap for live-fire on range
  • Dummy rounds
  • Training gun (Blue Gun or Laser Pistol) (to be used in dojo)
  • Proper shoes and clothing for live-fire on range
  • Traditional karate gi for dojo (workout clothes, such as sweats or shorts, are acceptable until GI can be aquired)

As in any martial art, there are equipment requirements.  You may begin Hojutsu training before you have aquired all of this gear, but it is in your best interest to have these items to continue with this art.  We can offer many of these products to you at a special cost as Hojutsu students.  For more information on purchasing these productsCONTACT US.

Cost per session

$35 per person, pre-payment required

Upcoming Sessions

Sunday September 15, 2019  10am to 1pm

Class Location:

Premier Shooting & Training Center

4845 Premier Way

West Chester Township, OH  45069

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