Shotshell Chest Rig

Shotshell Chest Rig utilizing The @nd Amendment Stuff Belt, and invictus Practical Injection Molded Shell Clips.
Sales price: $275.00
Kydex Color


Our Base Model Chest Rig holds 20 Shotshells and is available in Black,Purple,Pink, Red, Blue, and Green.

Purple Chest Rig w Purple kydex w logo w pink shotshellsAvailable with the Invictus Quad load Shell clips, on our specially designed backers. The Chest Belt is made using 5"Knitted Elastic, an .080 Kydex liner, and a Suede Outer layer. The Chest belt is 36" long and comes with a 12" hook& Loop expander to fit most average sized shooters. The heavy duty hook&Loop attachments allow you to put this rig on and take it off very quickly. Imagine being able to remove it midway through a stage while dumping your shotgun to allow you to easily go prone for that long range rifle portion of the stage. Yes, it is that easy to remove.

Suede Colors: Only Black,Red,Pink,Blue,Green,&Purple are available.
Pigskin Suede Splits 23295231 600 430




                                                        20 Shotshell Chest Rig:


                                                         12" hook&Loop Expander:

expander hookloop


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