Leather shoulder Holster

Sales price: $150.00

2nd Amendment Stuff Leather shoulder Holster

The Shoulder Holster is finally here. 2ndamendmentstuff.com has done it. These fine hand crafted Shoulder Holsters are made in the U.S.A. Hand formed Leather Shoulder holsters can be made to fit most any Revolver or semi-automatic pistol. we are making them to fit smaller pistols such as the Ruger LC9 as well as the Springfield 1911, and a Ruger Super Redhawk. Of course Glock fans are happy to see that we are making them for most any Glock on the market.

These Shoulder Holsters are custom made when you Order them, So you will need to Give us a few weeks to make them for you. You can order  A Horizontal Shoulder Holster or a Vertical Shoulder Holster. The shoulder straps are 1" wide 6-7oz leather. The holster is made using 6-7 oz leather as well.

Each Shoulder Holster comes with:  Shoulder Rig, Leather Holster with thumb break, Single magazine Holder. If you prefer a Double Magazine Holder we can do that as well.

Colors avaliable are: Black, Dark Brown, Natural.

Shoulder holsters have been worn for years by military and law enforcement as well as executives. Don't let them have all the fun.

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