SAFTEA Handgun Skill Builder 2 (FBI)

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In this course, we will work to further develop your skills with a handgun. The first thing we will do is help you learn how to present your gun from a holster.   We will continue practicing work on a balance of speed and accuracy with your handgun, using drills and distances; and eventually complete an FBI qualitification test.

When confronted by an armed attacker, the first shot you take is the most important one. For this reason we will spend some time helping you understand how long it takes to get that first shot, and help you make that first shot accurate and fast.

 Presenting the Handgun From a Holster
 Scanning For Additional Threats
 Reloading Your Handgun
 Shooting While Kneeling
 Shooting Distances of 6 ft. to 25 yds.
 Clearing Common Pistol Stoppages
 Shooting With a Strong Hand
 Shooting With a Support Hand
 At the End of the Day you will have the opportunity to shoot the same test the FBI shoots

 Handgun (minimum .380)
 Quality Holster
 2 - 3 Semi-Auto Magazines OR 3 - 4 Revolver Speed Loaders
 Pouches for Magazine / Speed Loader
 300+ Rounds of Factory Ammunition (no re-loads)
 Eye & Ear Protection
 Hat With a Brim
 Long Pants / Collared Shirt / Sturdy Shoes / NO Flip-Flops
 OPTIONAL: Knee Pads

You will receive instruction on the range by one of our certified instructors, a booklet with all of the course of fire listed for future practice, and a quality certificate to show verification of training.

Although it is not required we strongly suggest that you complete Defensive Handgun 2 prior to attending this course. If it has been over a year since you completed your Ohio Concealed Carry training, we highly suggest that you come back and train and have a certificate of completion showing that you have continued training. 


Upcoming Classes 


This class is brought to you through a partnership by:

Olde English Outfitters
480 Ginghamsburg Rd.
Tipp City OH 45373

Defensive Training Solutions
2826 South County Road 25A  REAR SUITE 
Troy, OH  45373

Class Location will be on the range behind Olde English unless otherwise dictated by weather conditions.  Students will be informed of any changes to location via email and/or phone.

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